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Year 1912 when Pinamalayan was known as a town of Oriental Mindoro. It comprised of six barangays from which Nabuslot is one of them.

Have you ever wondered why is it called NABUSLOT? How it became a well known barangay to the farmers specially during planting and yielding seasons? Its area is just like other fields, bountiful one, having a good soil just like others during rainy season.

As one popular old story goes, after the preparation of the crops for planting, farmers are throwing them properly into the fields and then when they come back, they can enjoy a bountiful harvest. They are happy though tired of working hard as farmers the whole day. It always happened that somebody fell down into the soft soil full of mud. From that incident, someone would shout “NABUSLOT”. From then on, the barangay called the place “Nabuslot”. The barangay which is now a symbol of cooperation, hardwork and progress and true faith in God.

It was in 1914 when Gov. Don Juan Morente, Jr. and Mr. Thomas Week I, constructed the National Road connecting Calapan and Pinamalayan and did passed through the barangay.

The early settlers of the barangay were from Porac, Boac, Marinduque which included Marcelo Mercene, Andres Mercene, Jeorge Watiwat, Andres Magculang and Hilario Jarabe. Others were from Gasan, Marinduque such as Jose Lolong and Juan Selda.

From 1956 – 1960, Diego Malalad ruled Nabuclot as Tiniente Del Barrio. He was succeeded by Cirilo Gonzales from 1960 – 1965, then Santiago Mercene from 1965 – 1971 who was succeeded by Renato L. Mogol from 1971 – 1982, then Gualberto Navarro from 1982 – 1989 and the consecutive years from 1989 up to 2007 Renato L. Mogol ruled again and, in the 2007 election, a newly elected Barangay Captain in the person of Rio S. Mercene assumed position.

Because mass of the residence of Nabuslot are farmers, Patron San Isidro Labrador is the patron of the barangay. They are celebrating barangay fiesta every 15th day of May. 

In the series of typhoons that struck Pinamalayan in 1993, Nabuslot was among those heavily affected. The shoulders of the national road were washed out by the flash floods. Both the Public Elementary School and the National High School were silted and their facilities suffered great damages. Fortunately, both the town and barangay immediately recovered from the calamity in the years that followed.

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